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Learning2 Europe Resources

Next week I will be presenting an extended session at the Learning2 Europe conference in Milan. It will be focused on becoming a connected educator, as well as looking at why and how you can connect your students and your learning community. Here are the resources that we will be using:

Here are some of the resources that I will either use or refer to during the extended session. If any of the links are broken please let me know so that i can fix them up.

Extended Session Presentation 

– I have hyperlinked as many resources in the presentation that I could, so you will be able to click on most of the things that I refer to.

The Connected Educator Bullet List - (extract from above article)

Twitter: A Cultural Guidebook by Keri-Lee Beasley & Jabiz Raisdana – this iBook is a really great introduction to how Twitter works, and to the different ways that you can participate in Twitter, depending on your comfort level. It was very thoughtfully written.

How to set up a Google Hangout on Air  - this is a simple guide to setting up a GHoA.

Reading list (for when life gives you a moment):

John Burns - #sisrocks  - Why use a school hashtag?

Educational Hashtags: